International Folkloric Children Meetings

The R.I.F.E. (International Folkloric Children Meetings) take place, each year, during the 2nd week of July in the poitevine town of Saint-Maixent-l'Ecole (Deux-Sèvres, France).

This festival is authorized by the C.I.O.F.F. (International Council of Folkloric and Traditional Art Festivals Organizers). This international folkloric festival is reserved for children's groups. About fifteen groups from various parts of the world meet up for one week of music and dance shows, (morning and evening performances, with fireworks after the evening performance), to present their culture and traditions. Several activities take place in various districts of the town : aperitif concerts, torchlight tattoo, life districts. Saint-Maixent-L'Ecole belongs to children during the eight days and, as with all the ethnics groups, it is an outburst of colours, laughs and joy with peace and brotherhood.

Do not miss these two rendez-vous in Saint-Maixent-L'Ecole (between Poitiers and La Rochelle).