...Passing through Saint-Maixent this poet won a lady's heart who was friend with the prior of the abbey. The prior asked François Villon for composing a Passion. François needed a habit for the play and asked the sacristan, the friar Estienne Tappecoue, for lending one to him. The friar said no and the poet promised revenge. With the François' s advices, the actors, disguised as wolves and handing cymbals and long fire-brands, emerge suddenly in front of the sacristan 's filly. The animal took fright and run away, pulling its rider held by a foot through St-Maixent. Reaching the couvent, it remained only the sacristan 's right foot and the shoe...
It is François RABELAIS who tells how François VILLON was the bad party at fault in that tragical trick. We lost after definitely his trail. That great poet let us some poems, lays, rondeaux and ballads. Villon wrote about the hippocras wine in one of these ballads.
The recipe of the hippocras from Saint-Maixent was salved only just. The joining of hyppocras to "fouace Mothaise" (local pastry) is a really great moment.

Tours of Saint-Maixent for groups with a guide and with appointment. Hippocras tasting (medieval wine). Make contact with the Tourist office.
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