Market Days

- Saint Maixent l'Ecole – Saturday mornings
- La Crèche – Sunday mornings
- La Mothe Saint Heray - Thursday mornings

JANUARY - Vin Chaud Fair at Augé (3rd W-E)
MARCH - St Maixent l'Ecole Duathlon

- Healthy Heart Trail at Exoudun (1st W-E)
- ‘Bach à Pâques’ Festival at St Maixent l'Ecole
- Lily of the Valley Ballad at La Mothe St Héray (30th )
- The St-Maixent l'Ecole Trade & Exhibition Fair


- Spring at The Orangerie - La Mothe St Héray
- Hill Climb at La Mothe Saint Heray
- Spring Big Top (every two years)
-Healthy Heart Trail at La Mothe Saint Heray
- Local Shopkeepers’ Discount and Second Hand Goods Sale: End of May - St Maixent l'Ecole
- ‘Farci Poitevin’ (Local paté) Fair and Car Boot Sale at Souvigné (3rd Sunday)


- The 36 hours Fête ( 1st W-E)
- Musical Fête at Sainte Néomaye
- The " Mob " 24 hours in La Crèche (Moped)
- The Lumas of Pamproux Fair (snails)
- Flower Festival at Augé
- The Deux-Sevres Track Racing Championship at Saivres
- Summer Fête at Soudan (1st W-E)
- Sports Week at La Mothe Saint Heray
- Roman Bridge Fair
- 10km Race - St Maixent l'Ecole
- Fair of Saint Jean at Augé
- Fair of Saint Jean at Ste Eanne


- R.I.F.E. (International Folkloric Children Meetings) in Saint-Maixent (5 days)
- Mules of Ste-Néomaye Fair (1st W-E)
- Summer Fête - Souvigné
- Summer Fête - Exoudun (1st W-E)
- Second-Hand Fair at La Mothe-St-Héray (last W-E)
- Festival "Contes en Chemins" (Storytelling)


- " Battages " Fair (Threshing the corn) in Souvigné (15th)
- Car Boot Sale at Exoudun (15th)
- Theatre Festival at Saint Maixent L'Ecole
- The 12 Labours of Hercules Rally at Cherveux


- Traditional Wedding Festival at La Mothe-St-Héray (1st W-E)
- Evening Walking & Mountain-Bike Festival at Nanteuil
- St Maixent l'Ecole 24 Hour Walk
- A Day for the Forest at la Maison Peleboise de La Couarde
- Village Fair at La Crèche


- Grape Harvest Festival of Pamproux
- National Gymnastic Competition by The Club of Cherveux
- Mushroom Exhibition and Sale of Regional Artisan Produce at La Maison Peleboise de La Couarde (2nd W-E)

NOVEMBER - Agricultural Show (Parthenay Breed) at St Maixent l'Ecole

- "Faites des Lumières " at St Maixent l'Ecole (23rd)
- Christmas Market at La Mothe St Héray (Truffles a speciality)