The Haut Val de Sèvre is located in the heart of the main French caprine region. panneau
The goat cheese road leads you to the co-operative dairies of Soignon in Saint-Martin de Saint-Maixent, of La Mothe-Saint-Héray and to the producers in the neighbourhood where it is possible to taste a large variety of cheese.

confrerie Also you can taste "foie gras", honey and local dishes such as the "tourteau fromagé" - delicious pastry made of from fresh goat cheese - and the "fouace", already very appreciated by Rabelais.

Traditional cuisine
Some training courses of traditional cuisine are organized in Souvigné in July and August ... in the surrounding area of the cheese road it is possible to visit some breeding areas of goats, angora rabbits, mohair goats, Poitou donkeys and kangarooes too !
Recipe of the tourtière du créchois
All the information is available to you at the local Tourist office.