The surroundings

BRESSUIRE : Castle - Notre Dame Church. Marais Poitevin
CHEF-BOUTONNE : Javarzay Castle
Zoodyssée de CHIZÉ : "Baudets du Poitou" (species of donkeys), bisons, aurochs, bears, lynx, vultures, wolves, reptiles, amphibia ... a 25 hectares park, 600 animals and the possibility to take a ride in a horsedrawn carriage.
MARAIS POITEVIN : Small boat rides on the Sèvre river and on the Conches (canals of the Marais Poitevin) - Romanesque churches - Ancient feudal castle - Pigeon-house and washing and rinsing boards by riverside.
MELLE : Caroligian garden - Silver-mines of the Franks Kings - Romanesque churches - Fountains and washing and rinsing boards by riverside.
NIORT : Marais Poitevin - Donjon (Keep of castle) - Hercules' home - Angélique (Niort dish) - "chief town" of Mutual societies.
PARTHENAY : Medieval City - Feudal castle - Gate of Saint-Jacques and Citadel - Nature, jazz, games and cross-bred music festivals - Important meat-market.

Futuroscope POITIERS : Futuroscope - Notre Dame of Poitiers - Romanesque churches - University town.
LA ROCHELLE : Old Port - Cathedral - Saint-Sauveur Church - Museums of Automatons, Fine arts, Grévin, Oceanography and Perfume bottles - Aquarium.
SANXAY : Archaeological site with temples, baths et theatres.
THOUARS : Imbert park - Local products house at the castle Orangerie - Chouans bridge - Anjou wines - Oiron castle.
VASLES : "Moutons-Village" - 25 km from Poitiers
Lamb's garden (open from Easter to All SAints' day) A 6 hectares sheep-fold - Out of the common sheeps from the whole world. Angora goats... wolves. Nicolas and his grand-father tell.
The golden fleece gallery (open the whole year except in January)
Show of automatons, multivision diaporama - "Whool without frontier" : exhibition, demonstration. Schedule in July & August : open 7 days a week 10:00 am - 1:00 pm and 2:30 - 8:00 pm. Maison du Mouton
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